The Drive To Move Forward

People come to coaching for various reasons, but what they all have in common is a deep desire to improve the quality of their life—to to make something better.  Some want to prepare for a new life chapter and transition with success, while others want to enhance the current one.

Mastering Your Mind

People come to my coaching practice in particular to “fix” their anxious, overthinking mind.  Many are at the point of exhaustion, living with chronic daily stress and anxiety.

Working with me, they soon realize that it’s not about “fixing” anything, but rather about “training” their mind anew and developing a new, healthier relationship with it.

This new partnership empowers them to become an expert on their own mind—a Mind Scholar

How We’ll Work Together

Everyone has the right to live in harmony with their mind. My one-on-one coaching is the platform that offers by far the deepest dive into my Mind Scholar curriculum.

Examine Your Mind

We’ll look at how you think, the stories you repeatedly tell yourself, your triggers and vulnerabilities.


Challenge Limiting Beliefs

Together we will dissect your self-talk and all of your narratives to determine what is not serving you well.

Build a New Mindset

You’ll learn new trainings and practices, building new skills that allow you to rethink, rewrite, and relive, so to speak.

An Empowered Partnership

I’ll help you uncover a new way of being for you and a new way of showing up in the world which all stems from your new partnership with your mind, a mind that is now being properly managed daily by YOU!

Let me guide you how, through my One-On-One Mind Scholar Program.

What People are Saying about Coaching With Terri

Coaching with Terri has quite literally transformed my life.  I connected so quickly and readily with her brilliant concept of “story” and how these fictions that we create about ourselves hold us back from fulfilling our true purpose.  With Terri’s guidance, in a matter of weeks I was able to not only identify a very destructive life-long story, but rewrite a new one for myself that has truly given me a sense of joy that I never dreamed possible.  Terri’s passion for the material and her compassion for her clients shines through in every session. I am forever grateful for the skills I have learned and the wisdom I have, and will continue to gain, along this journey.

Kelli Cote.
Certified Personal Trainer

I first met Terri at one of her workshops and it didn’t take long for me to know that she was the right person who could help me…Terri took me from a state of high anxiety and depression to normalcy. She uncovered the truth in my life and made it clear for me to see that so much of what I was agonizing about was just a story I had made up and believed. She unraveled my story with me slowly but surely, and together we wrote a revised one. A story of truth, that  opened up my life again and made me feel whole. I can’t say enough good things about Terri. She is responsible for turning my life around, even though she’ll tell you that I did it myself.

Lynn V.


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