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About My Workshops

I’ve tried so many different programs to “fix” me, but nothing seems to work. Why should I feel hopeful about your program?

My Mind Scholar Program takes a very different approach, one that is more about “training” you than “fixing” and judging you. It is all about expanding your emotional awareness and becoming more intentional with your decision making. My program provides tools for learning and a structure for action that will reliably lead to better results.

What’s the structure of your 6-week workshop?

Each week begins with an engaging presentation followed by group discussions around the new teachings and ends with handouts that are provided and reviewed. The exercises in the handouts offer you the opportunity to reflect on and experiment with the weekly trainings between sessions. The full week between classes allows time for you to practice internalizing the concepts from the curriculum that resonate most with you.

I’m a very private person and prefer not to share. Just how interactive is this workshop?

I create a safe and confidential space for all participants. Your privacy is completely respected, so it is entirely up to you how much or how little you wish to share at any given point. In my experience, when one chooses to share something, it usually makes for a more meaningful experience all around. 

What if I don’t have time to complete the weekly handouts?

It is not mandatory to complete any of the handouts in order to participate in this course, but they are an important part of the toolkit that I provide. As with everything, the more you put into something, the more you will get out of it. But exactly how and when you do so is ultimately for you to decide. These handouts are a valuable resource to use and reference over time.

What if I have to miss a class?

If you know ahead of time that you will be unable to attend a class, we can create a plan upfront to cover the material for that missed class. Likewise, if you miss a class due to illness or another important reason, I can work with you before the next class to create a catch-up plan. Naturally, you will benefit more from the course if you can attend all of the sessions. 

I fear that investing in myself for 6 weeks in a row will take away from my family time which is already lacking.

Making the decision to invest in ourselvesnot only in our physical but especially our mental well-beingis always an important one. This is exactly where a trained mind can prevent an untrained, anxious, and overthinking mind from taking charge and sabotaging us, even from choosing to better ourselves!  My 6-week workshop will help get you started. While you initially may have less quantitative time for those six weeks, you will ultimately learn how to gain invaluable qualitative family time.

About My One On One Coaching:

What more does your one-on-one coaching have to offer me beyond your 6-week workshops?

One-on-one coaching is personal and allows us to take a much deeper dive into your concerns and issues. The sessions are completely customized to help you become an expert on you.  One-on-one coaching can be especially helpful if you’re experiencing some very challenging issues that feel resistant to change and require some personal attention. It is also extremely beneficial if you are feeling stuck and/or struggling to identify your blind spots. This kind of intimate partnership and collaborative effort not only further enhances the group coaching you receive, it does so more effectively.

What is the minimum coaching commitment that you require someone to sign up for?

I recommend that the minimum people sign up for is three months, consisting of weekly coaching sessions. Working together for three months offers a reasonable time frame to be able to cover, grasp, and integrate my Mind Scholar teachings in order to experience its real and lasting effects. I will also gladly consider accommodating those who would prefer a lesser, initial time commitment of six weeks. 

I’m afraid to invest financially in myself again, only to fail. What reassurances can you offer me?

My commitment to you is that we will work together to make our time as successful and productive as possible.  My coaching offers you a safe space, free of feelings of judgment and labels like failure. I’m here to guide you, stimulate your curiosity, and hold you accountable. You will leave with a new and improved—healthier—partnership with your mind, an expanded emotional vocabulary, and a renewed sense of calm and overall balance.


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