Mind Scholar:
Reconnect the Disconnect

When you have a skillset and an accessible toolkit for parenthood—when you understand and utilize conscious communication and mindful parenting—you can actually begin to enjoy the journey of parenthood and experience it as a gift.
Feeling stressed, anxious, and disconnected is not the only way to exist!

In this SEMINAR you will learn how to

Become An Expert

I’ll show you how to better understand your inner narrator and become an expert on your own mind as well as your child’s

Develop New Strategies

You”ll learn how to parent more mindfully and discover new parenting strategies to help your children feel seen, heard, and understood

Expand Your Awareness

As a family you’ll expand your emotional awareness and vocabulary to help you and your children better express and move through anxious and other uncomfortable feelings

 Live, virtual seminar.
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Parents Greatest Takeaways

The understanding that something else is possible within your family dynamic. Parents and children can connect

 Parents can play a significant role in their children’s anxiety and, likewise, they can also play a significant role in their healing

Supporting your children means helping them to have difficult conversations and still feel safe, loved, worthy and understood—no matter what!  

It’s About Expanding Your Awareness

The intention of this workshop is not to teach you how to become the perfect parent and fix everything that is wrong with your parenting. It’s all about expanding your emotional awareness and helping to empower you to become a better communicator and to connect with your children in more meaningful and encouraging ways. 

 Live, virtual seminar. 
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What People are Saying about This Seminar

Terri was very well received by parents of all ages and stages. The parents were thoroughly engrossed throughout the entire lecture. Terri’s lecture is animated, interesting and very, very informative.”

Rebbetzin Goldie Plotkin

Excellent seminar with great examples. Great energy, passion, enthusiasm, and knowledge with a non-judgmental delivery.

Carol M.

It’s never too early or too late to enrich your parenting skills. No matter the age of your children, using her Mind Scholar Program, Terri delivers clear strategies and tools that are applicable to everyday life.

Lisse G.


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