Mind Scholar:

A workshop to build emotional flexibility during these challenging times. Whether it is fear and anxiety, sadness and loneliness, or even grief and despair, we are all “hooking” into our own pain-points. You can learn how to reduce your emotional struggle by practicing scientifically proven “unhooking” skills and acceptance techniques.

Feeling stuck and emotionally exhausted is not the only way to exist!

In this workshop you will learn how to

Understand Why You Suffer

Let Go of Your Emotional Struggle

Build Your Emotional Toolkit

 Live, virtual workshop.
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What People are Saying about This workshop

“During these difficult times when so many are under incredible stress, Terri Klein comes like a beam of light, a ray of sunshine. I have seen the way in which she has helped people to better understand their feelings so that they become more capable to deal with the challenges they are facing, particularly now. In her engaging presentation, “Drop Your Anchor: Let Go of the Emotional Struggle,” which she recently gave at Adath Israel, she gives people the tools through which they can succeed and grow.   

Terri, as a life coach and author, engages her audience in a sensitive and caring manner. She takes people through the steps that can enable them to transform their emotions and live in a meaningful way. Her enthusiasm is infectious and makes people excited to explore their emotions to get to a better and more fulfilling place in their lives. If people are open to changing and rethinking their lives, it is important that they hear the impactful advice Terri has to offer.” 

Rabbi David Seed 
Adath Israel Congregation, Toronto 

“Thank you, Terri, for leading our recent workshop “Drop Your Anchor: Let Go of the Emotional Struggle.” Our members found the workshop worthwhile and informative and a good introduction to the mind-body relationship. The practical tools and techniques you taught us to deal with our anxiety and stress will help us cope with the emotional struggles we face during these challenging times.” 

Gayle Kertzman 
Events & Program Coordinator (Beth Tikvah Synagogue, Toronto) 

“Thank you so much for such an excellent and perceptive program last night, and for all of your expertise. We were delighted for you to be able to Drop Your Anchor in the London community and for the inspiration and wisdom it provided.” 

Eric Robinson 
Program Coordinator (Jewish London) 

“Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, strategies, and toolkit to better understand our feelings and to get “grounded.” Your explanations to break the negative thinking were clear and very visual. I’m a visual learner too! Thanks again for that remarkable presentation.” 

Andrea Daiam 
Program Coordinator (Schwartz Reisman Centre)  


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