Quiet the Overthinking

“How to Quiet the Overthinking Mind” is a 6-week workshop series that I have created and have been running successfully for years now.
When you “get your mind right,” I believe everything else can fall into place.

Overthinking, feeling stressed and anxious, is not the only way to exist!

In This Workshop you wilL Learn How To 

Examine the stories of your inner narrator


Discern the falsehoods from the truth


Narrate your life from a profoundly new and empowering perspective

 This is a Virtual 6-Week Workshop
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Students Greatest Takeaways

The ability to develop a new relationship with their mind

The understanding that the trained mind can quiet the untrained, overthinking mind

It’s easier to do the inner work and be held accountable with an intimate group of like-minded people who create a safe space for learning and meaningful conversation

It’s About Changing Your self-talk

The intention of this workshop is not to try to turn off your overthinking mind and fix everything you perceive to be wrong about you or your life. Rather, it is all about making YOU the expert on your own mind so that you can train it anew!

 This is a Virtual 6-Week Workshop
For dates, times and more info 

What People are Saying about This workshop

Excellent course – well-crafted and constructed with excellent handouts, which provide a key learning element to the course. Terri was a pleasure to learn from and bringing her passion, honesty, and personal stories into the class made it a very worthwhile experience.

Rammy Rochman
Richmond Hill

Well researched and well delivered on a very important topic (mental health) that should be part of everyone’s education from an early age. Also, awesome slide graphics by Terri.

Richard R.

Terri has a wealth of knowledge. I like her warmth, enthusiasm, sense of humor, and energy. She is an excellent coach and puts tremendous effort into her workshops.

Joan Katz
Richmond Hill

Terri is an excellent speaker, teacher, and coach. Her course, How to Quiet the Overthinking Mind, was an eye-opening journey that gave me life tools to learn, practice, and grow. Thank you Terri for being such a beautiful guiding light on my journey.

North York

Terri was extremely knowledgeable and very approachable. She had such energy and spoke with passion. The topic was very interesting and I am learning how to rewrite my stories.

Rhonda Shlanger
Richmond Hill


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