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Mind Scholar

Excellent course – well-crafted and constructed with excellent handouts, which provide a key learning element to the course. Terri was a pleasure to learn from and bringing her passion, honesty, and personal stories into the class made it a very worthwhile experience.

Rammy Rochman

Richmond Hill

Mind Scholar broadened my horizon to a whole new language that was completely new to me. Each week, I was given new tools to focus, relax and to compartmentalize my thoughts.

The course is very easy to follow.  The presentations were visual and captivating. Terri is very knowledgeable, friendly and easy to open up to.

This course opened my mind and provided guidance and resources to explore mindful awareness on my own. I feel that the tools that I acquired will be with me and available for me to use for the rest of my life, in my relationships with my partner, kids, employees and especially the relationship that I have with myself. I highly recommend Mind Scholar whether you are new to mindfulness or not!



Chabad Markham was pleased to offer an evening entitled “How to Calm Your Child’s Anxious Mind,” with life coach, author, and lecturer Terri Klein. Terri was very well received by parents of all ages and stages. The parents were thoroughly engrossed throughout the entire lecture and had ample opportunities to ask questions and concerns. Terri’s lecture is animated, interesting and very, very informative.

I believe that all the attendees gained much insight into this very current and challenging topic and were able to take home some powerful tools to help make raising our children a little less overwhelming.

Rebbetzin Goldie Plotkin


This was my second time taking Terri’s workshop and I can honestly say that I enjoyed it just as much if not even more than the first time.
Terri is a powerhouse in her field. She exudes so much enthusiasm that it becomes apparent early on that the passion she has for teaching is undeniable.

She is so personable and genuinely cares so much that she repeatedly states throughout her workshop that she is available to talk to after hours if we need help or have unanswered questions. 

Using Terri’s strategies, I am able to turn my thoughts into a more positive head space. I practice what I have learned from Terri daily and definitely feel happier and more at peace.
I am forever grateful.

Jenny S.


Coaching with Terri has quite literally transformed my life.  I connected so quickly and readily with her brilliant concept of “story” and how these fictions that we create about ourselves hold us back from fulfilling our true purpose. With Terri’s guidance, in a matter of weeks I was able to not only identify a very destructive life-long story, but rewrite a new one for myself that has truly given me a sense of joy that I never dreamed possible. 

Terri’s passion for the material and her compassion for her clients shines through in every session. I am forever grateful for the skills I have learned and the wisdom I have, and will continue to gain, along this journey.

Kelli Cote

Certified Personal Trainer

Terri Klein is a dynamic speaker who is both extremely personable and knowledgeable on her presentation topics, including the recent one I attended at Chabad Markham. There were many useful and wise take-aways from her very informative presentation leaving us with many things to think about, revisit, and challenge ourselves on the very way we parent and the impact that that has on our kids. If this is just a glimpse of what her 6-week workshops have to offer, then we all stand to benefit by attending, as do our kids!

Carol M.


Thank you for creating a great wellness workshop that helps people have a better life.

For many years, I did not feel well in many areas of my life. I searched, read, attended workshops even went on a retreat but it was hard for me to put it all together and really begin my healing. After attending your workshops, I feel that I have the tools and awareness to start my healing process. So, I declare this year is going to be my healing year.

Marina M.

Early Childhood Educator, Richmond Hill

I recently attended Terri’s How to Quiet the Overthinking classes. I believe she has created a valuable and impactful curriculum that teaches students to recognize how some of their longstanding thought patterns may actually be contributing to their anxiety or stress, and how new, healthy thought habits – learned in class, can help them overcome this “self-inflicted” suffering, regardless of what their experiences may be.  

She does this by providing a superb and understandable overview of some of the best thinking in this field. Terri is extremely approachable, articulate, and empathetic as a teacher, and her program is essential for everyone who has ever struggled with an unhelpful thought … and who hasn’t?

Ruth Burshtein


Thank you very much for the How to Quiet the Overthinking Mind course! The daily stress and scattered thoughts were taking a toll on my energy. The tools that you have provided and practiced with us on how to control the spiraling thoughts, on how to be aware and mindful of the situations we are in, are indispensable to me.

Terri exposed me to the whole world of gratitude and mindfulness and backed it up with tools and resources. I only wish I knew this information sooner. Thank you for the transformation and for bringing peace to my overthinking mind.

Kate A.


Well researched and well delivered on a very important topic (mental health) that should be part of everyone’s education from an early age. Also, awesome slide graphics by Terri.

Richard R.


Thank you for being an amazing teacher and for opening my mind to a new way of living. Can’t wait to use my “tool set.”
Giovanna Cioffi

Terri is an excellent speaker, teacher, and coach. Her course, How to Quiet the Overthinking Mind was an eye-opening journey that gave me life tools to learn, practice, and grow. Thank you, Terri, for being such a beautiful guiding light on my journey.


North York

I first met Terri at one of her workshops and it didn’t take long for me to know that she was the right person who could help me. I booked my private coaching sessions with her soon after. I was a little worried at first as the sessions were to be held by phone instead of in person. But I realized quickly that Terri has this sense whereby she can figure out your emotions not only by what is spoken, but by the way you speak, by the pauses you take, and from the way that you breathe.

Terri took me from a state of high anxiety and depression to normalcy. She uncovered the truth in my life and made it clear for me to see that so much of what I was agonizing about was just a story I had made up and believed. She unravelled my story with me slowly but surely, and together we wrote a revised one. A story of truth, that  opened up my life again and made me feel whole. I can’t say enough good things about Terri. She is responsible for turning my life around, even though she’ll tell you that I did it myself.

Lynn V.



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