My Journey

Building upon my decades of experience and education I have developed a science-based curriculum called Mind Scholar that has been running successfully and training minds for years. 

Educational Background

  • Bachelor of Science

  • Bachelor of Education

  • Formally Trained Coach with Co-Active Training Institute

  • Author and Blogger

  • Creator of Mind Scholar Curriculum

The Origin of Mind Scholar

My interest in wellness came at an early age, as a teenager struggling with daily physical pain. For personal reasons, I studied science and psychology to better understand my mind and body. The intention was to become my very own health facilitator, given that my medical diagnosis lacked clarity and compassion. 


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Rebuilding Families One Piece at a time

While my mission is to help others calm and quiet their anxious overthinking mind, my bigger vision is to help restore the sacred family unit. Many parents and their children are extremely stressed and anxious these days and could use an effective toolkit on how to get along, how to communicate more effectively, and ultimately, how to understand each other better. 

An approach Built on Personal Triumph

I, myself, am a compassionate human being, wife, mother, teacher, author, speaker, and a wellness coach. I have studied and worked in the wellness industry for decades. But what defines me more than all of my roles and accomplishments is my deep desire to learn and grow as well as my innate drive to help alleviate emotional suffering in others. 

My desire to help others comes from a very personal place. You see, given the mind-body connection, physical and emotional pain are intertwined. Growing up, my physical pain directly impacted my emotional life, and I found myself feeling stuck and anxious more often than not.  Nowadays, my physical pain is less impactful, thanks to my curriculum.

This is my life’s work—my calling—to live, practice, and teach all about wellness and how to live in harmony with oneself!

Events and Articles

Information about my local events in the Toronto area and my most recent blog posts.


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