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Savvy organizations are always looking to improve employee health and wellness. They’re committed to addressing issues such as stress, burnout, absenteeism, and general employee disengagement.  But many corporate wellness programs are prioritizing “body over mind.” Their campaigns focus more on behavioral changes like personal fitness, healthy eating, and improving lifestyle choices. Wellness programs need to target the root causes of employee health issues not just their symptoms. To do so, they absolutely need to prioritize the MIND!

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By introducing this kind of self-awareness training in the workplace, employees start feeling significantly happier, more satisfied with themselves, and more secure in their jobs. This, in turn, also results in their being more productive in the workplace; being better team players; and becoming more effective managers and leaders.

My Most Transformative Topics

How to Quiet the Overthinking Mind

If people don’t learn how to become more mindful of how they narrate their lives—of all the disempowering self-talk—then they will remain stuck in their lives and have no idea why. Join Mind Scholar Terri Klein, author, speaker, and coach as she trains you on how to become an expert on your mind and your own Mind Scholar.

How to Improve your “Relationship to Work” and your “Work Relationships”

There are three well-defined work orientations: job, career, calling. This essential wellness seminar is geared towards people who want to change the dynamic of their “work” experience.  Join Mind Scholar Terri Klein, author, speaker, and coach as she trains you on how to rewrite and live your new “career story.”

How to “Reconnect the Disconnect” in Your Parent-Child Relationships

An essential wellness seminar that can act as an antidote to stress, anxiety, and overwhelm that have all become a cultural norm and are compromising our relationships. Join Mind Scholar Terri Klein, author, speaker, and coach as she trains you on how to rewrite and live your new “family story.” 


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Increased capacity for creativity and innovation, greater company loyalty, and improved interpersonal connections are only some of the many proven benefits of someone practicing mindfulness. So, imagine what carefully selected mind trainings for your employees can do across the board for your company!

Using my Mind Scholar Program, I provide people with the opportunity to come to the invaluable realization that they can become an expert on their own mind. They gain the understanding that they can be proactive in their choices, decisions, and responses and not merely reactive and overtaken by their often anxious, and what I call, “overthinking mind.” 

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Control and Choice

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