Love & Legacy

By Terri Klein

May 8, 2022

This past week my husband lost one of his best friends and dearest companions, his mother, of blessed memory, who was nearly 94 years old. My dear mother-in-law, Magda Klein was so remarkable, that even in her passing, she continued to bless us.

As she surrendered and lost her life, she offered me the courage to find mine. Her death blessed me with an opportunity to recommit to life. After more than two long years navigating our way through COVID protocol, my husband and I gave ourselves permission to be with people, by appointment and in small groups. We chose to be to mask-free and to willingly hug our beloved family and friends who came to Magda’s home of sixty-six years to pay their last respects to this incredible woman and to comfort the mourners.

More than thirteen years ago, I lost my dear mother, Pauline, of blessed memory, who was undoubtedly also one of my best friends, someone with whom I shared a deep soul connection. My dear mother was so remarkable that she, too, did the same, blessing me through her transition, although in a slightly different manner.

As she surrendered and lost her life, gradually over time, she offered me the opportunity to uncover my purpose—to unleash the writer in me and to explore my soul’s mission.

I remember how it troubled me then, the realization that it was my mother’s very challenging journey and eventual passing that catapulted me into deep introspection and a spiritual awakening. This time, however, upon my dear mother-in-law’s passing, I was less troubled by a similar realization. I truly appreciated the bittersweet feeling I was experiencing and acknowledged the sweetness of her blessings with much less guilt and discomfort.

How blessed we were, my husband and I and our children, to have been parented and grand-parented by such extraordinary women who loved and nurtured unconditionally and always put others ahead of themselves.

Upon their passing, both Pauline and Magda received tributes that were fit for a queen, but the most beautiful thing is that these phenomenal women were also eulogized in their lifetime. They were told repeatedly just how much they were loved and appreciated. They felt cherished in the hugs, smiles, kind gestures, and words of their children and grandchildren. These Matriarchs were valued, honored, and respected right up until their very last breath.

Why? Because of the family values that these “mothers” instilled and installed in the minds and hearts of their family members. Because of the love and devotion that never faltered and was never negotiated but was always unwavering. Magda’s mother, the same. Pauline’s mother, the same.

These mothers set the bar high and were role models for intergenerational love and legacy. Gary and I experienced the adoration, devotion, kindness, courage, skillfulness, and resilience of extraordinary women. Our mothers, they were women of valor.

Today I would like to honor ALL mothers, the builders of legacy, who sacrifice so much for their children.

Happy Mother’s Day,
Coach Terri

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  1. Condolences to your husband and family. May his dear mother’s soul Rest In Peace.


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