Mid-Life Introspection: The Truth of Life

By Terri Klein

November 19, 2016

Every so often when I reflect on my life,
I find myself returning to rhyme,
to express life’s greatest lessons
as they have evolved for me over time.

We do not walk down a single path,
on a road that’s predictable, certain, and straight.
Oftentimes we trek through the jungle of life,
forced to accept any and all twists of fate.

As we turn the pages in the book of life,
moving through every story and every chapter,
soon enough we realize the truth of life
it’s not always happily-ever-after.

We don’t live a single purpose;
new meaning unfolds with each new stage.
Our calling manifests in different ways,
over time—as we grow, evolve, and age.

One day we’re busy changing diapers
and the next, we’re emptying our nest.
One day we’re birthing a precious child,
and the next, we’re laying a dear parent to rest.

The tides, they keep on turning;
the waves, they come and go.
We cannot possibly direct the wind—
adjusting our sails is all we know.

As long as we’re living on-purpose,
as long as we’re consciously choosing,
as long as we’re accepting “what-is,”
we’re winning more than we’re losing.

The school of life teaches daily lessons,
some that are welcomed and some that are not.
Hopefully, one day we can fully appreciate
every single lesson that we’ve been taught.

The story of life can be painful—
the greatest lesson is how to open the heart.
Arguing with the reality of life
is what, ultimately, tears us apart.

The puzzle of life is filled with pieces
that don’t always seem to fit,
but in hindsight, you can usually piece them together
using resilience, courage, and grit.

As long as we’re curious and grateful;
as long as we can be vulnerable and real,
life will unfold, however it does,
yet we can still find ways to heal.

You have been given the gift of choice,
so don’t pretend that you have no control.
Whatever hand you may have been dealt
you can be with “what-is” and still choose to feel whole.

You can harness the power of your brain—
your greatest ally and most powerful tool,
or you can choose to give your power away
becoming a helpless victim of a life that is cruel.

Your worthiness is non-negotiable—
your value is your right from birth.
Some things should never be questioned—
like your true essence and ultimate worth.

Don’t view your life as a challenge,
as something you need to win or to beat.
It’s more like a process that you move through—
you need never bow your head in defeat.

Life is not something to conquer,
nor something to merely overcome.
And in your mind is clearly
where all of the work can be done.

Suffering is never external;
all pain aches deep within.
Healing starts on the inside;
that’s always where to begin.

I know for a fact that my brain is all-powerful
and that my mind is my most prized possession.
And so managing it well, and daily,
is my new and healthy obsession.
And teaching others how to do the same
is, clearly, my most favorite profession.

I teach how to calm the body and quiet the mind,
how to open the heart and clarify purpose.
I encourage depth, introspection, and self-reflection
for the root causes of suffering lie deep beneath the surface.

As long as we’re choosing courage over comfort;
as long as we’re choosing love over fear,
in time, we can get curious about all that is possible
with the gift of each new year.

 But we are not…

We want, we need, we chase, and we acquire—
our satisfaction not guaranteed.
We seem to be reaching for more and more
living life from an unhealthy place of false need.

We become victims of our toxic stories;
we overthink and so often feel stuck.
We suffer because of our thinking,
yet blame it on our bad luck.

In midlife, I feel almost wiser,
for I seek only peace, contentment, and joy.
What matters most is to connect with others
and engage with life in a way that I truly enjoy.

I don’t always get it right;
I don’t always practice what I know,
but seeking to achieve a better version of me
is exactly how I intend to grow.

We need to stop searching, outside of ourselves,
and find our peace inside.
It’s the secret to well-being
and to where it does reside.

Inner peace and contentment live within your mind and heart
so crack them open… then be quiet and still.
Listen to the whispers of your soul.
Pay attention, please, if you will.

I cannot promise instant transformation,
what I’m suggesting is a daily practice.
It requires consistent effort and commitment,
so take the leap of faith—it’s gratis!

Coach Terri

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  1. Wonderfully written!


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